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.:| OLD NEWS |:.
SHORTIE finished the recording of their new album "Without A Promise" which is scheduled for release on Earache on May 17th. Here are some pictures of them in the studio rocking SGA amps.
     Picture 1   Picture 2   Picture 3
Follow the links and check out some new SONGS and a VIDEO off of the new album.

SKYS OF FIRE has released their new album "Red Letters Kill". It features some kick ass SGA guitar tone, so get over HERE to listen to some of their new tracks.
    Here is what Chris Greenmyer thought about our SC-1 Studio:
"I have been using your 15W amp in the studio. The truth is, it is the best sounding amp I ever heard. It had the exact sound I was looking for. I really love the tone."

VOSTOK recorded their new album "This Scavenger Low" using one of our SC-1 Studio amplifiers and a SGA custom speaker cab. Check out some of their new SONGS featuring SGA gear. They also got a new SC-1 50W amplifier and a 4X10 speaker cabinet to take on tour with them. Click HERE to check out their new stack.